This is the second part of an article series about how the technology and product communities can help the world to pivot and work as a cross-functional team by sharing their experiences dealing with uncertainty, difficult decisions, emotions, and data.
Innovation usually starts with some restless, incredibly curious people, but successfully delivers under well organized circumstances.
The COVID-19 crisis is more than a serious health threat, it’s a challenge to the entire business and social ecosystem. There are no doubts that an…
For years I had a hard time explaining to friends and to my mom what I’m doing. It was like that: I define how digital products are developed and I…
Decide your strategic bets by reading the press and evaluating the social hype
Remote is easy for product people
— Guys, we should go for feature X in the next sprint! — But we didn’t validate any assumption yet. It doesn’t fit with the data we have so far… — But…
By building better products and reduce the waste
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