Shoutout #7 - Living remote

Remote is easy for product people

Hello world, welcome to the new world.

As product professionals, we are used to struggling along this dichotomy: stay connected to the people outside of our laboratories when we aren’t really connected, in a physical way, to them.

Speaking about remote work, understand our peers’ needs, evaluate and make decisions in a poorly connected environment, creating value for unknown people, drilling for the needs instead of the wants and all others challenges we face those days, we are better prepared to hit the ground running and guide our organizations on the remote way of work. It’s time for us to share our experience and be supportive.



PS: here are some of the most interesting reads in the past week. If you have something that caught your eye, please share!

>> The past-Covid world will never be the same. So, forget about Netflix and acquire a new skill —> Introduction to Data Science - A free, introductory course about the world of data science from IBM.

>> Also, 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

>> Is there a lie about product strategy? Roger Martin says that “true strategy is about placing bets and making hard choices. The objective is not to eliminate risk but to increase the odds of success.” Agree?

>> I’m 100% with Marty Cagan on “with empowered product teams, you don’t need less management, you need better management”. Read more about Product Strategy – Management

>> As usual, a great report from CBI about Alphabet’s next billion-dollar business and 10 Industries To Watch. First, consumer electronics and healthcare. Covid or not, they are after healthcare.

>> Speaking about healthcare, biosensors and times to come, Nature published a long-long manuscript about modernizing and designing evaluation frameworks for connected sensor technologies in medicine.

>> Edgy topics, I love edgy topics. Here is a great talk from Mind The Product conference in Manchester on The Magic in Conflict

>> Last but not least, my own writing, hurray :)

I wondered many times in my career if it would be possible to analytically evaluate a market’s readiness for a new product. So I found a correlation between social hype and market adoption with Gartner’s Hype Cycle and Moore’s Market Adoption Lifecycle. Read more on this insight, conditions for market disruption, and best practices for launching a new product in this article published by Modus Create.

… and the meme of the day, how else :)

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